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Garden Patio Ideas UK 2019

By: edm

It’s finally summertime! You know what that means. It means you finally have all the time in the world to work on your home exterior. It means you can now begin to add some ‘fun’ to that home exterior.

In this article, you will find some fun, bright ideas that will give your patio the shine it deserves in the summertime. Read on to find out which ideas are fancy and which ones will lighten up your patio!

1. Be Experimental

You must remember that you are under no obligation to do things ‘the usual’ way. The whole point is to lighten your backyard. So you must remember to try out things differently. Paint the walls. Build a fort for the young lads. Be different!

2. Create Room

Leave room for lounging. Some people make the mistake of overdoing their patio. Let there be room for fun. Think about children running around. Leave room for a casual game of father-son football.

3. What about a TV?

patio tv

Include a tv on your patio. With a tv set, the family can settle to the Peaky Blinders after a long day. Additionally, the TV brings a certain aesthetic value to your patio. A wise old Brit once said, “You can never go wrong with a TV.”

4. Remember a Pool

Don’t forget the pool in your design (if you have one). The pool can add great aesthetic benefits, so use that to your advantage.

5. Don’t Forgot the Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

What’s better than an outdoor kitchen in your home? Not many things. Remember to save yourself the stress of having to make trips to the actual kitchen. You may also include a grill in this area. This is especially a great idea for a large family.

6. A Fireplace to Keep the Warmth

A fireplace is equally important. You must remember to customize a fireplace to combat the cold weather. A fireplace will come in handy for long talks into the night while you stare into the starry skies. In addition to its cold-combating benefit, a well-constructed fireplace can add aesthetic value.

7. A Seating Arrangement to Match Your Designs

seating arrangement

Proper chairs and tables are smart ideas for a ‘summer patio’. Comfortable lounging chairs will come in handy with your pool. A dining table and chairs for a large family meal on the weekends sound nice. You must align your chairs and table to match all your patio arrangements though.

8. Proper Lightening is Equally Important

This is certainly a requirement. You must keep your patio illuminated. Because how else would you show off your wonderful patio design? Again, you may be experimental with this. You can choose any type of lighting you want; anything that piques your interest.

9. What about the Bar?

A bar is a lot more important than you think. With a fancy bar, you can store copious amounts of beer and martinis! The lads would certainly love that one. Besides, you don’t have to trot to the kitchen to get orders when a bar is right there. With a bar, you’ll find your work colleagues visiting quite more often.

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10. A Pergola is Perfect to Create the Shade

Constructing a pergola allows you to lounge in your backyard while avoiding the harsh sun rays. Temperatures are reaching an all-time high these days, and a pergola can help you combat against that. A tasteful pergola, combined with a graceful seating arrangement will bring beauty and comfortability to your patio.

11. Construct a Stone Path

A stone path is a nice addition to your patio. This stone path consisting of small pebbles and comfortable stones can offer a fun, walk-about patio. Another alternative to a stone path may be an outdoor rug. However, with an outdoor rug, it must be considerably far away from the pool.

12. Even a Little Garden

You can as well brighten up your patio by planting a few colourful plants and flowers. Tulips can go a long way to make your landscape beautiful. You can as well create a small enclosed garden where you can plant edible vegetables. Also, in your leisure time, a small garden can be a great idea to keep your hands occupied.

13. Invest in a Casual Relaxation Space

Who doesn’t want to relax after a long hard day at the office? In your patio, you can invest in hammocks and relaxing rugs to help you relax your muscles. Lounging on a hammock, you just need to lie back and simply enjoy the view. For days when you desperately need clarity of mind, this is a great idea. It can also be a meditating area to help the flow of blood.

14. A Firepit for Family Nights


Investing in a modern firepit is a great idea for cold nights. In addition to the warmth it provides, a firepit can also add aesthetic value to your patio. This is a win for long romantic conversations with your partner long into the night.

15. Invest in Small Beautiful Fountain

A fountain can make your patio more attractive. A fountain overlooking an awesome sitting arrangement can be the highlight of your patio. Proper lighting combined with a fountain can make your patio the envy of all your neighbours.

16. Design your Fence with a Colourful Mural

You can also add more colour to your patio by painting your wall and fences with a colourful meaningful mural. For example, it isn’t out of place to paint a piece of Captain America if you’re a proper Marvel fan.

17. Construct a Play Area for Children

For weekends with the children, you can set aside a little space to play a game of football. You can as well add mocking posts to define the play area properly. For families with a large number of children, you can add a swing that will heighten the fun for the children.

In conclusion:

These ideas will help brighten your patio and add aesthetic value to your home in general. Choose which ones you fancy and start working on them!


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